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Friğrik V restaurant closes on June 1st 2016

Due to a serious illness in the family we have made the decision to close our restaurant on Laugaveg 60 on June 1st. Table reservations for April and May can be made through e-mail ( but there are a not many seats left.

The family and staff wants to thank all of our suppliers, producers and guests for a wonderful cooperation the past fifteen years.

We care about our customers

Our restaurant seats 32 persons and we do not double-book so we need to prepare our evenings carefully.
We would like to thank our customers for understanding and respecting our confirmation culture.
It gives us the chance to prepare appropriately for your visit and make your stay more personal. 

We also appreciate you giving us your phone number in case we need to contact you for further information.
We serve only set menus of three or five surprise courses prepared daily ( ) so it is vital for us to know of any allergies or sensitivities our guests have so we can prepare in advance, as you know, we use only the freshest ingredients available every season so we do not have a back-up stock.

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Rhubarb jam

Here is a recipe to our rhubarb jam.

1 kg fresh rhubarb, cut in small pieces 
300 gr Demera sugar 
1 vanilla pud, cut in half 
1 cinnamon stick* 
2 anis stars* 

Cooked on low temperature, for one to one and half hour. Remove the spices (for a smooth jam you can put it in a blender/mixer but not necessary) and put into jar/s. This jam needs to be stored in a refrigerator. 
*not essential


It is sold out for a table on FRIĞRIKS DAY

It is an Icelandic tradition to celebrate a Husbands day in January.
From 2008 we have created our own version of this celebration in our restaurant. Arnrún, Friğrik’s wife, changed the Husbands day to Friğrik’s day for her husband and all other guys called Friğrik.  
This special celebration will be now for the eighth year 22nd of January 2016.  

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